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Creating a Pointpledge Start to Finish

Welcome to Pointpledge, the top sports fundraising platform in the game! We link fan donations to sports perfomance, so athletes and teams raise money for good causes with every point, goal, touchdown, home run, save, assist, lap, mile, etc. earned in a game or event.

With Pointpledge, you simply choose your game (or one with your favorite athlete or team), any game statistic you like, a cause you’re passionate about, and we make it easy to raise money for your cause by sharing your campaign with your family, friends, and supporters (“Your Fans!”).

Fan donations are tied to the game statistic that you select, so when you or your favorite athletes and teams play hard and have fun, the game stat increases, and so do the donations to your cause. It’s that easy.

Pointpledge is the safest, most secure platform for giving. We protect your fans’ generosity by ensuring donations are always sent directly to a nationally-recognized nonprofit, local school, or 529 college savings account, and never to a personal account.

Signing up is completely free and your fans can donate using any major credit or debit card. While it’s free to launch your pointpledge, standard transactions fees are deducted from each donation by Stripe, our payment processor. More information on the fee structure is available here. Before you get started, here is an overview of what to expect when you start a pointpledge.

See our FAQs

What can I use Pointpledge for?

You can use Pointpledge to raise money for-

1. Nationally-recognized nonprofits working to help people in need, cure diseases, rescue animals, or protect the environment. Read more about the nonprofits you can choose here.

2. Schools in need of new learning tools, field trips, new sports equipment, or other resources. Support a local elementary, middle or high school, or the college of your choice.

3. College savings. Fans contribute to the 529 college savings account that you select. Learn more about 529 college savings plans here.

Note: Pointpledge requires users to have a 529 college savings account to receive donations for college savings. Learn how to open a 529 college savings account here.

Pointpledge delivers all fan donations directly to nonprofits, schools, or 529 accounts, according to our donation security policy, to guarantee contributions always go to the right place. Pointpledge cannot distribute donations into personal accounts. We encourage you to check out our Terms & Conditions if you have any questions about what we allow and do not allow on Pointpledge.

Starting your account

To sign up, you will need to use an email address that you use regularly. You can also use your Gmail or Facebook sign ins to create an account.

Creating your campaign

After signing up, you can select “START A POINTPLEDGE” either from your Dashboard or the Home Page.

1. Choose your sport

It can be your own game or event. Or it can be a game or event with a favorite athlete or team.

2. Enter game details

Choose the league (either pro, college, or local). Then, enter the name of the athlete or team that your campaign is based on, and the date, start time, and location.

3. Add your story

Set the stage for your fans. This helps to connect them to your campaign. Is it a rivalry game? Is it a special event? What makes this game a fun one to play? Rudy! Hoosiers! Air Bud! Everybody loves a sports story!.

Choose an image (at least 600 x 400 pixels) that captures your fans’ interest. You will want to use a JPEG, PNG, or BMP to ensure that it’s uploaded properly.

4. Invite Teammates, Coaches and Others to Help

You can run your campaign solo OR invite your teammates, coaches, friends, familiy, etc. to join you and participate by helping to spread the word. As the campaign's creator, you will still control all aspects of the campaign, like updates. Find out more about team campaigns here.

You can always opt in to adding team fundraising after your campaign has already been created too.

5. Choose your Pledge Stat

Pick any game or event statistic, like points, goals, hits, laps, tackles...any stat you want.

An “every” pledge stat earns money for your cause every time a statistic increases. You can set it to $1 for every point, or $3 for every goal, or $5 for every hit. You decide.

An “if” pledge stat earns money if something happens. You can set it to $10 if your team wins, or $20 if you beat a certain time or break a record.

6. Choose your Cause

You can direct your fans’ pledges to a nationally-recognized nonprofit, a local school, or a 529 college savings account. Find out more about processing fees and how Pointpledge transfers donations here..

That’s it! Hit Launch and your campaign is live.

Sharing your campaign

At this point, your campaign can start receiving pledges. However, no one will see your campaign until you start to share it!

That’s why it’s important to share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and by email and text.

Remember, sharing your campaign with your fans is the key to raising money on Pointpledge. If you aren’t sharing your campaign with your personal network, then it’s likely not going to get many pledges.

Managing your campaign

You should now be taken to your dashboard. This is where you’ll manage all aspects of your campaign. Edit your story, share your campaign, post an update, add the final results and pledge stat. It’s all found here!.

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